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Drabble-a-Day 2011 October Statistics

Total fics: 31
Number of Fandoms: 14 (Counting all RPS as one fandom and including one crossover)

Fandoms by numbers of fic

Doctor Who-4
House MD-4
Life On Mars-3
White Collar-2
Inspector Lewis-1
Warehouse 13-1
McMillan & Wife-1
Star Trek Reboot RPS-1

Types of stories by number of fic. (I'll admit that some of the categories are iffy, but it's my challenge so I get to make the final call.)

Slash-13 (Including three femslash stories with four femslash pairings)
Het 5

Pairings/OT3 with the most fic-House/Wilson, with 2. I definitely spread the pairing love around this month.

Crackiest thing I wrote this month: Nothing super-cracky this month, however, I would venture to guess, I'm the only person to ever write slashfic for NCIS featuring Vance and SecNav.

Least popular-All the Life On Mars fics. I'm posting to both the Friday Drabble Challenge posts and my LJ and they are more or less tanking.

Most popular-by comments. Rather Surprisingly, Better Things. Pretty much a throw-away fic for the numb3rs100 community. Trying to find some way to use the prompt "series" that wasn't spelled out in the challenge post. And BAM, 8 comments.

Side note to all the wonderful moderators of the various Drabble communities who have been keeping me in prompts for this project....I really do love you all....BUT, I genuinely prefer the ones that give the prompt and end it there. The more ideas and suggestions and hints you give as to how to use the prompt, the harder I have to work to find something completely different.
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