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Hubby is back to work and I've got the place to myself. I'm declaring a "no writing" night. My costume fic is at the Beta's for alterations, my birthday fic is locked in and my brain needs a night to just chill. The plan is to re-watch House episodes and Torchwood eps, zipping through to the good bits. Possibly replaying them overandoverandover. Plus reading a big stack o' smut.

I found my ATM card just in time for the DNC to call and ask for money. Being a Party Girl, and relieved to have my card back, I was feeling generous.

Mr. Mouse was also retreived from the place in the cushions that he'd managed to lodge himself.

Today's major idiot at the Desk of Doom was the woman who insisted I get her out her seat in Row 13 because she's superstitious.
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