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House Babble for Risky Business

Watched alone on DVR, since I was out celebrating Halloween last night.

Wow! So this is what a competent Dean of Medicine looks like.

You know what bugged me about this episode? Mostly the fact that we should have had something like this as far back as Season 4 and they wasted three years of my life on the Survivor crap, the H/W fanservice/deconstruction, Amber and House/Cuddy.

I honestly never thought I enjoy watching Foreman so much. He was smart. He was strong. He wasn't a self-righteous ass. He was competent. He knew he needed House's medical smarts, but he NEVER let House push him around or make him feel guilty. He was usually at least a step ahead of House, knew what to expect and how to deal with it.

It's almost as if someone on the writing staff had had a hate-boner for either Omar OR Foreman and that person is no longer there.

My only problem with awesome, smart, tough Foreman (aside from the wasted years) is the fact that Cuddy was never allowed to be this tough, smart, and strong with House, even before the "relationship." There were hints of it, when she could hold her own in the first season, but generally, he ended up guilt-tripping or brow-beating her and often (Humpty-Dumpty) making her feel like shit about herself. I accepted some of this as being in character for both of them because of the infarction back-story. (And further reason why that needed to be dealt with if they were going to do House/Cuddy.)

Since it was never truly aired out, there is now the rather unfortunate implication that Foreman is better at it than Cuddy was because he's a man. Notice how well he handled the butt-grab by House. He KNEW what House was doing and he just let it go on long enough to prove that he wasn't going to give House what he wanted. It was brilliant. He acted in a way that Cuddy was never allowed to.

It almost makes me think that someone hated Lisa E/Cuddy. That's my paranoid bitching of a paranoid bitch as opposed those who felt that Cuddy was getting preferential treatment from Dave & Katie for whatever reasons.

More awesome things about this show:
Patient of the Week-Michael Nouri a/k/a Eli David of NCIS and about a million other things. Best guest patient since Jack Coleman.

The Park & Adams show. I love these two. I'm definitely ready for some femslash. They have chemistry and together they are generally being well-written. The Hep C bit was great. I love Jesse, but I'm kind of NOT looking forward to getting Taub and Chase back, because I'd actually like to see the show go with two women, one of whom is not a standard-issue attractive babe type.

Much as I've learned to love Cameron in retrospect, I really wish they were NOT giving Adams recycled Cameron self-righteousness from Season 1. It's not becoming and I really do NOT want to end up yelling "STFU Adams" at the screen every week.

House/Wilson this week was very safely back in subtext land. Plenty of stuff to draw on, but nothing being spoon-fed. The bet stuff and stealing was great. Loved Wilson's scene with Park. REALLYREALLYREALLY loved it. He was analyzing House without betraying him. We can assume they're back to B&B (banter and blowjobs) or not. I'm still declaring victory over the schmoopers and the fan-service contingent, although I'm not putting up my Mission Accomplished banner just yet. (There was even a shout-out to the "words hurt" line from control, so I still maintain that the idea that they'll always hurt each other is still active as well.)

The scene at the end was over-done and stupidly filmed, but Hugh's smile was adorable. (He probably should have given Adams a pair of the safety glasses, considering the fragments were going pretty damn close to her face.)

So tell me again why I was put through seasons 4-7, when they're actually capable of giving me the show I fell in love with? And yeah, it is ALL ABOUT ME!
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