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Third Quarter Fic Wrap-up 2007

Some Say That We Are Players
Fandom: House MD
H/W-Not too angsty.
Birthday smut for timbershiver who wanted Wilson in (and out of) scrubs and House in glasses. Just to be weird, I made them puppy-dog scrubs and went from there.

Hand-Eye Coordination
Fandom: Oceans 11
Lots of UST-Barely PG

Jealous Guy
Fandom: House MD
H/W-Mega-Angsty moodfic

Collision Course Part 1
Collision Course Part 2
Hugh & Bobby RPS
Includes Stephen, Gabriella, The Tonight Show, The Cheetah Girls, Uma, Quentin, and a Noel Coward song sung by Marianne Faithful.

Fandom: House MD
Wilson/Cameron and implied H/W
VERY DARK. Implied noncon.
Because paperclipbitch was throwing out prompts and I couldn’t resist.

Side Effects
Fandom: House MD
Some angst. Mostly smut.
Because paperclipbitch wanted Wilson/Chase with “High-on-speed” Wilson and I can deny her nothing.

Fandom: House MD
Snark ficlet
Missing scene for Airborne
Written for travels_in_time who made me an awesome userpic.

Lost Asset
Fandom: Spooks
NC17 (Includes BDSM)
The last in my Jools/Danny trilogy.
Birthday present for vanillafluffy

When It Really Mattered
Fandom: House MD
House/Wilson, House/Stacy
My last big H/W angst piece before the new season.
Takes place pre and post infarction.
Lots of smut and OODLES OF ANGST.
My answer to what House really meant when he said, “When it really mattered, you were a coward.”

Terms Of Surrender
Fandom: House MD
Wilson/Julie with H/W subtext and (surprise!) angst.
Ficlet written for ficwriters_anon where it fooled nobody.
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