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"Loyal Opposition" Torchwood drabble PC Andy Rating-G

Title: Loyal Opposition
Fandom: Torchwood
Characters: PC Andy, references to others, implied Jack/Gwen.
Rating: G
Wordcount: 100
Warning: Spoilers for The New World.
Notes: Drabble-a-Day 2011. Day 308. Prompt from tw100. Challenge #217-Rendition. Sequel/Companion to Mediocre Dream. Unbeta'd. Comments and concrit welcome.
Summary: Andy chooses sides.

Andy loved Gwen; he always would.

It nearly killed him, knowing what Jack Harkness had made her into. He’d seen the two of them through the eyes of Ianto Jones and it wasn’t a pretty sight. If you had to be that cruel to work for Torchwood, he was quite happy not to qualify, thank you very much.

He’d chosen his side and when word came to round up the fugitives, including Rhys and Anwen, he followed orders. Gwen looked like she could kill him where he stood, but Andy didn’t flinch.

It felt good to do the right thing.
Tags: drabble, drabble-a-day 2011, gwen cooper, jack harkness, jack/gwen, torchwood, tw100

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