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"King of Pain" Doctor Who Drabble Jack, Master Rating-PG

Title: King of Pain
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters: Jack, Master (references to Third Doctor/Jo Grant)
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 100
Notes: Drabble-a-Day 2011. Day 309. Prompt from dw100. Challenge #374-Depth. Unbeta'd. Comments and concrit welcome.
Summary: The Master knows his victims.

The Master was in one of his chatty moods.

Every word out of the bastard’s mouth seemed chosen to remind Jack of the deep connection between the two Time Lords, peppered with references to previous companions.

“Did he ever tell you about Jo Grant? Lovely girl. Full of spirit. I do believe the Doctor had genuine feelings for her. Can’t imagine him abandoning her to the mercies of the Daleks. Oh, did I mention she was a blonde?”

It was enough to make Jack beg for a return to good old-fashioned torture.

Not that there was much of a difference.
Tags: doctor who, drabble, drabble-a-day 2011, dw100, the doctor, the master, third doctor
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