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Signal Boost on behalf of beta_goddess

PLEASE READ BEFORE MONDAY THE 14TH! (Thank you. I'll stop shouting now.)

Hypothesis-Taking Peer Review To The Internet

This is an odd thing to send around, but I think it might be one of the most important projects of its type. Basically, a non-profit group is trying to create a way to make the information on the Web accountable -- so that as you surfed, you could see which resources were credible and which weren't. I can't even imagine how much it would change our lives if we could separate accurate online information from online hoaxes, opinion and bad science!

They've raised $83k as of this writing and need to raise another $17,000 (US) by next Monday or the project won't happen. Someone has offered to match all donations made between now and then so your dollars will be doubled.

They'll cheerfully accept any size donation, so think about sending $5 -- or $1. This isn't guaranteed to work, but if it does, it will change things... maybe a lot.

I don't usually ask my friends and family to send money to anyone, but I'm asking now. Thanks for thinking about it.
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