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I've got a headache! And I hate hotels.

Woke up with a screaming doozy of a headache. Sinus I think because it's warm and wet outside, so I'm thinking it's an air pressure kind of thing. Hubby gave me some psuedo-fed, which took the edge off, and the hot chocolate seems to be helping as well.

Of course it could also be a sugar hangover as I was up noshing in the middle of the night, including more of the Harvest Mix.

My muscles are sore from working out yesterday, but that's a "good pain."

On the other hand, the hotel situation is giving me a pain in what a former co-worker of Hawaiian back-ground always referred to as her "okole."

San Francisco and Silicon Valley are almost totally sold out next week and anything that's available is outrageously over-priced. New York and DC are already up to over $600.00 per night for anything half-way decent for now till the end of the year. Everyone who's got something booked already is trying to change and the new dates aren't available.

I want to go home and go back to bed. I took off Tuesday for my bday, but now I wish I'd also taken Monday. I could do with four consecutive days away from this place. OH WELL!

I've got my Yuletide assignment. I got the same assignment before & after the snafu. I've got two options that I could write, but haven't made up my mind yet.
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