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100 Days of Photos Meme

Ganked from speccygeekgrrl


Day 83 - A picture of you and a teammate

Lowell & K-gal: Partners in Snark!

Day 84 - A picture of a school project

Not exactly a "school" project, although I certainly learned a lot along the way:

Miko-at Katz's Bagels on 16th St. July 5, 2010
Part of the Dog-a-Day 2010 project.
Miko by karaokegal
Miko, a photo by karaokegal on Flickr.

Day 85 - A picture of your favorite holiday
This was my favorite costume from this year's Halloween at the Mint-Stay tuned for the MIGHTY HALLOWEEN PICSPAM!

ZZ Top #3 by karaokegal
ZZ Top #3, a photo by karaokegal on Flickr.

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