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House Babble for Parents

House Party attended by evila_elf.

You know a House episode is bad when the best thing in it is Foreman.

And I will say it was another great week for Foreman. He consistently out-thought and out-maneuvered House (and Wilson) without ever losing his cool. And I still can’t help thinking (paranoid bitchings of a paranoid bitch) that it’s being done very deliberately as an F.U. to Cuddy and maybe Lisa E. Cuddy NEVER got to be that tough and smart about House. The only thing I can think of is when she stood him up for Thanksgiving and that was just cruel and had nothing to do with Cuddy doing her job.

I sort of called that Foreman would end up at the fight, although not that he would be there with House, which didn’t really make sense. I liked it as an F.U. to the schmoopy crowd who were obviously meant to anticipate a House/Wilson sex couch scene OR House and Wilson together having sex in Atlantic City with Foreman left to fume. Instead we got an awesome double whammy of Wilson being willing to go to Atlantic City without House, and either actually feeling guilty about it or just telling himself and everyone else that he felt guilty, following by the absolute confirmation that House is more than willing to screw Wilson over to get what he wants. In case we’d forgotten or were the kind of H/W fans who like to deceive themselves on that count.

I’m not sure whether House and Foreman were in on it together from the start and there some nice missing scene fic to be written about how they pulled it off. Is queen_zulu still out there? This would be right up her alley.

About the only other things worth watching in the whole ep were a few smirks from Jesse. Unfortunately he needs a bit of grooming. Chase with a beard is OK. Chase with a neck-beard. NOT SO MUCH!

Main plot? I called it at about 20 minutes that the Dad wasn’t dead and I KNEW there was going to be a big SECRET, although I honestly didn’t think they’d go there in the name of proving that all parents suck. But I guess I was wrong. Unfortunately not a single word of any of the plotting made sense. I don’t know if it was the acting or if that crap was unplayable, but every bit of it was incredibly superficial so that even the big EWWWWWWWWW reveal barely registered, especially since the show has gone near or all the way down that well too many times. It just wasn’t believable that Mom (Hello, Janice Parkman) hadn’t told step-dad. I’ll buy the kid forgetting the whole thing….but barely, since it seems to negate the whole “parents screw up their kids” thing.

Clinic patient-Stupid, boring, pointless, not funny. Did anyone NOT see the drinking urine/apple juice gag coming the MINUTE they saw the specimen jar?

All the writing was just clunky and heavy handed. Compare House’s interrogations of Wilson and Foreman in Histories or some of his pursuit of Cameron’s back-story in season one. So much better. It sounded like actual intelligent people having an actual conversation. This week was so bad. I know every fanfic writer in the world has a major case of “I could do that better,” but I assure you….I could. And so could the writers who used to work on this show.

I also don’t buy Chase’s Woobie-fying moment. I stick that crap along with House’s “abuse” confession in ODOR. Everybody lies.

Note to David Shore and Katie Jacobs. NOTHING YOU CAN DO…I mean NOTHING, will ever make me care about Taub or give a single fuck about anything that happens to him, his bastards, Nurse Stupid Slut, or Mrs. Whiney Passive Aggressive Taub. Kill the kids. Send them away. Sell them into white slavery. I do not care. I will never care. You must get Taub and every single iota of plot associated with him off the show. I’m now convinced that this is the only way to fix things.

Adams-sorry, no. She is being swept into the vortex of 1st Season Cameron without even the level of writing that Cameron got, or the looks and acting skills of Jennifer Morrison. I know J-Mo took a LOT of shit (from me as much as anyone else) but compared to what we’re getting now she had the skill of Dame Judi Dench and the looks of a young Gene Tierney.

Park-didn’t even get a good line in.

Whatever the writers USED to be able to do, so that we accepted the fact that the medicine would stand still for House’s personal obsessions AND still get delicious snark in the process has been lost again.

I think the problem is that Taub and Adams aren’t worth the time that’s being wasted to delve, and the writing is so bad that we’re not getting enough wit make up for it.

I’m really sorry to say I do think Hugh Laurie phoned it in this week.

Slight props for actually treating the attempt to get out of a tracking anklet as something that will get you caught and in trouble. Yes, White Collar, I am looking at you.

I was going to class this one in the Odor/Last Resort category, but the ending sort of saved it by only by a smidge. There maybe H/W make-up sex fic abounding right now, but it obvious once again that they will keep hurting each other and that House may be obsessed with Wilson, but not enough to give up anything he really wants for himself. I realize that’s a horrible thing to have to be happy about, but it’s the only aspect of the show and H/W as I see it that came across this week, and I take my petty vindictive victories where I find them.
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