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Dear Dr. Peyton Driscoll (and the writers of CSI-NY)

Cut for spoilers if you haven't seen "Time's Up" and preceeding 4th season episodes.



All we needed was a shot of the airmail letter and a close up of Gary Sinese's face, doing what he does so well. Your long, self-serving, annoying, whiney b.s. was completely unnecessary.

So long Brit-chick, and don't let the door hit your arse on the way out.

And no, this is NOT about my Mac/Danny shipper tendencies. I'm actually starting to believe that Danny/Lindsay are a couple and not just a plot contrivance. (Which doesn't mean that Mac & Danny aren't shagging themselves senseless when nobody's looking.) My guess (not spoilers) is that the crack monkeys writers are working toward an eventual Mac/Stella hook-up. Hopefully WITHOUT putting Stella through another round of Woman In Jeopardy so that Mac has to rescue her. Or even Stella rescuing Mac from Peyton scary stalker. I can live with that, assuming the writing's good and Gary/Melina sell it, which I think they will.

I actually liked the rest of the episode (especially the Doctor Who shout out) but having to spending nearly three minutes frothing at the mouth and screaming to drown out the bullshit was not a good way to end the episode. Even watching Gary play bass in the closing scenes was not enough. (Hubby thinks he wasn't really playing by the way, but I he assume was.)

With sincere loathing,

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