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Dear Yuletide Author

First of all, thank you, whoever you are for being willing to write in any of these fandoms. Also thank you for being willing to go through the emotional roller-coaster that is the Yuletide experience itself.

As you can see, pretty much everything I want this year is British and angsty. Feel free to go as graphic with the sex as you are personally comfortable with, but for all the slash pairings, UST plus guilt would be just as good, given the various pressures involved. My only real squick for slash would be Mpreg and PLEASE nothing schmoopy or fluffy.

For The Hour, I'd love to see just how conflicted Freddie and Hector really are and how much attraction there is behind all the sniping. Things I love about them are the class issues and the bits where Hector "dresses" Freddie, or tells him how a woman would behave in his car.

It might be fun to see where time takes them...into the late 50's, early 60's...Cliff, the Beatles, even as far as the war in Vietnam. I adore Bel and Lix, so anything incorporating them is fine. Even Hector's wife. Just give me lots of snark and smoking and hopefully a bit of furtive sex and I'll be happy. (As long as they characters aren't TOO happy.)

For Inspector Lewis, I'm fascinated by any aspect of the Lewis/Hathaway relationship, especially the implied disparity in class and education, and how Lewis feels about Hathaway relative to his own relationship with Morse. (I wouldn't mind some slash in the Lewis/Morse backstory either.) Banter, clipped syllables, Hathaway smoking, and maybe a bit of a mystery as well.

Russell and Noel clearly have massive issues as well. I'd love to see them involved in some kind of tortured affair or just hanging out and being weird together if you'd rather not go that route. I really groove on Noel being conflicted about Russell's "mainstream" success, his marriage etc.

For QI, I'd really love to see Jo getting some love and attention from Jimmy, Ross, Rob or any of the other guests you're comfortable writing. I'm not asking for pure fluff here (I'm allergic to it) but NOT something that leaves her being hurt emotionally if at all possible. I'd REALLY love to see Jimmy dealing with an attraction to Jo that seems to completely contradict the more sexist parts of his comic persona, while she keeps her guard up and makes him work for it.

If you're not up for a Jo-mance fic, I'm good with any of the guests doing something fun and wacky. Lately my absolute favorite is Ross with Jimmy right behind. Feel free to use anyone who has been on QI, (Rich Hall snark would be EPIC!) although I'm kind of tired of Stephen and Alan in main roles. Even some of the one or two timers would be great.

I watch the episodes obsessively so any in-jokes and shout-outs would definitely make me smile.

Thanks again, and I look forward to seeing a wonderful fic on Christmas Morning.
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