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Music Meme-Ipod Shuffle Lyrics

It's that time again!

Ganked from lozenger8

1. Open up your music player. Hit shuffle.
2. Record the first few lines of the first 15 songs that come up that do not give away the name of the song. Skip instrumentals, but don't skip the embarrassing songs.
3. Make hapless journal denizens guess the song names and artists. Google is cheating. For songs from musicals, the name of the musical is acceptable in place of the artist.
4. Least hapless journal denizen wins admiration.

1. She's the girl in the red blue jeans. She's the queen of all the teens. Be-Bop-a-Lula-Gene Vincent-Guessed by tourmaline1973

2. It wouldn't be in summer. Seeing you in summer I never would go. - If Ever I Would Leave You-from Camelot-Sung by Robert Goulet-Guessed by unfeathered

3. Seems like yesterday, but it was long ago. Janie was lovely, she was the queen of my night.

4. I hold you in my arms, that's when it starts. I seek faith in your kiss and comfort in your heart.

5. You could have a great career and you should, yes you should. Let's Misbehave sung by Elvis Costello in De-Lovely. Guessed by dafnagreer.

6. Don't worry, bout a thing. Cause every little thing's gonna be all right. Three Little Birds-Bob Marley. Title guessed by gimmesimon. Artist points to stackcats

7. Sometimes I think my heart will burst like a balloon inside my chest.

8. Time may lie heavy between, but what has been is past forgetting.

9. Fly away Peter, fly away Paul. Before there's nothing left to fly at all. Silvery Rain-Cliff Richard guessed by joanne_c.

10. When you're lost in the rain in Juarez and it's Eastertime too.

11. I may not always love you, but long as there are stars above you. God Only Knows-The Beach Boys guessed by lozenger8.

12. Do my foolish alibis bore you? Well I'm not too clever, I just adore you.-Call Me Irresponsible-David Campbell. Guessed by lozenger8.

13. It takes some education to see how the game is played.

14. It brings back the sound of music so tender. It brings back a night of tropical splendour. Begin the Beguine. Song guessed by dafnagreer. Performed by Sammy Davis Jr.

15. I do not want anyone. Anyone who wants me. Anyone that I desire wants to be with someone else.
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