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House Babble for Dead & Buried

House Party attended by evila_elf and michelleann68.

Spoilers ahead including analysis of promo for next week.

Notice how much better things get as soon as Taub is reduced to a few a jokes and NO mention of his brats or his sex life beyond the Brazillian joke.

Let’s talk about that. Do men actually get “Brazillians?” I get that they can get the equivalent of a bikini wax, but isn’t the Brazillian specifically about leaving a specifically small amount of hair in a specific location? Or were they just using “Brazillian” as a generic for bikini wax because it’s deemed funnier?

I get that the whole thing was just for cheap laughs, but IF Chase were actually dating woman with hair issues, the first thing to go would be the beard and most especially, the NECK BEARD! Trust me, I speak as a woman who makes hubby shave (his face) before even letting him seriously kiss me. So if any amount of this shit were supposed to be remotely believable, it would be a beautiful, smooth-faced Chase walking into the office.

I definitely got the impression they were trying to do too much this week, and the Chase stuff got dropped as soon as it had been milked for as much smarmy humor as could be gotten out of the word “Brazillian.” The actual reveal of the TV bit was just badly done, under-written etc. Not quite ridiculous enough for any pay-off or believable enough to lead into a plot where Chase might be lured away from House. Lame, guys really lame.

What did work this week was House/Wilson, specifically Wilson. He acted like season 1 Wilson. He even looked like Season 1 Wilson. His concern for House was believable as either a lover or a friend, but most especially an unrequited love. It was the best H/W and Wilson, we’ve had in YEARS. I found it well-written, gut-wrenching and NOT fan-servicey for a change. Because it wasn’t about H/W. It was about Wilson’s concern for House, which believe it or not is different. I’m sorry that Foreman had to back down to get there, but obviously they’re NOT going back to jail, so that was inevitable. And because it wasn’t written as fanservice, but as subtext, I’ll even give the schmoop contingent a pass if they’re turning out a bunch of fluff right now. Not that I’ll read it mind you.

Of course this is all contingent on last week never happening. Nice going continuity guys. As far as the idea that next week is going to be another prank-fest? Wilson does not need pranks to get one over on House. He needs to get laid. He needs to be the bastard who cheated on Sam and Bonnie and Julie, possibly with House, but also on House. I’ve been re-flying this flag in a few of my comments to other people’s posts about last week’s episode, but let me take it out and unfurl it proudly.

The only time Wilson has power in the relationship is when he is fucking a woman. PERIOD. House was NEVER more obsessed with Wilson than when Wilson was married to Julie AND cheating. House HATED Debbie from accounting, and the Nurse that Wilson had lunch with. Right now Wilson has been castrated and his philandering somehow transferred to Taub. THIS IS BULLSHIT! James Wilson is a womanizing bastard who acts like a nice guy. This is canon. This is what his relationship with House is predicated on. The minute he’s getting laid, House will be devastated, which is too bad, but it will put them back on an even footing.

My suggestion: Wilson needs to screw Adams. Or Park, if necessary. Actually, Park would be interesting, if the writers had a clue, which they don’t. Remind me to write that fic next year. Seriously.

Another prank episode is crap. You know it and I know it and David Shore knows it. Why he’s afraid to give us the “real” Wilson back, I’m not sure. It just doesn’t make sense. Pranks are stupid. The only reason there were pranks in Safe was because House was trying to cheer Wilson. Sheesh. There’s no way Wilson can win this one. And if it devolves into any kind of schmoopy fanservice, I promise THERE WILL BE BLOOD!

I’m assuming the OMG MOST SHOCKING TWIST EVER was the reveal of the DID, rather than anything in the House is an addict (surprise) plot. More lameitude, including a depiction of DID so bogus, I’m expectng the American Psychiatric Association to sue.

The dead boy plot actually had some merit, except for the insane amounts of over-acting that the performers playing the parents were allowed to indulge in. YUCK.

I liked the examination of House’s as an addict. I wish they’d mentioned the gambling and alcoholism as well. Also you’ll note the bogus martinis are gone, replaced by House’s real drink of choice, which it’s always nice to see him mixing with Vicodin. I liked the Wilson/Foreman stuff, including a bit of a reversal of what Foreman pulled on him last week. We won’t get it, but I’d be interested to see more Wilson/Foreman in a sort of non-romantic battle for House’s soul. Wilson was wrong though. Cuddy’s approach did fail. Foreman was getting MORE out of House than Cuddy ever did.

Best line of the night: My name is Milton. That guy actually made me LOL.
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