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My Life Is a Sit-Com meme

Ganked from lilithisbitter.

We've all had weird and funny moments in our life. Moments that makes us laugh and smile. But on hindsight... we start to realize, that if it ever happened on a TV sitcom, we would say "there is no way that could ever happen." So... post this to your blog with your stories that in hindsight would be on a weekly sitcom, but happened to you.

Back in the 80's, BFF Jen and I used to find it great fun to smoke pot and go to the Mall. Yes, I was living in New Jersey at the time. Anyway, one day we got high in the parking lot of Paramus Park and proceeded to go into the Mall and proceeded to discover that it was full of uniformed police officers. There was some kind of Police-based expo going on, including the presence of many police dogs. As in, possibly, drug-sniffing police-dogs. This may have been one of the few times in my life, I was not happy to see a dog. Jen was even less happy since she was carrying the actual marijuana.

We made our extremely paranoid way out of the Mall and headed home. Probably to get high and eat Oreos.

Cue laugh track.
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