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The uncluttering continues - Some magazine give-a-way offers included.

And so does the angst. I just found a folder of printed out fanfic.

Pundit slash stuff about Keith Olbermann and Anderson Cooper. I used to read and re-read those fics over and over. They affected how I saw the "characters." How I felt about writing RPS and maybe even my approach to slash over all. But I haven't actually looked at them for years. I was kind of surprised to see that I still had them. So why am I having such a hard time just putting the paper in the recycling bin? I know this exactly what the "Memories" function of LJ is good for. (Or Delicious, if they're still in business and bookmarks on A03.) I am making sure the whole series is in my LJ Memories, although I'm still not sure I'd ever go back and read them again. In a way, I internalized it so much I don't have to re-read. This applies to a LOT Of the fanfic that I still have in binders.

I don't look at it. It's literally collecting dust. I NEED to get rid of it. And it's really hard.

Ditto my stash of magazines from the earlier days of my Hugh Laurie/House MD obsession. I bought and kept pretty much every TV Guide and Entertainment Weekly that had any mentions or pictures. I read them intently, especially for tidbits applicable to my RPS. Now...haven't read in years and the sight of Hugh doesn't make me swoon the way it used to. BUT I CAN'T JUST THROW THEM OUT.

Any takers for the following:

TV Guide. Best of 2005 Special. My Big Year. Small picture of Hugh on the cover-big one in the issue. (Actually a gorgeous picture. Great shot of the eyes and a hint of smirk.) 5 Nastiest House-isms.

Entertainment Weekly. September 19, 2008. Hugh on the Cover. "Season Preview-Cleaning House." After a Polarizing Year, the Hit Drama Heals Itself With Gory Cases and a Shot of Romance.

TV Guide. September 14-20 2009. Hugh on the cover, straightening tie. Not my favorite picture. It's the cropped hair that I can't stand.
"Crazy for House!" Can the damaged doc clean up his act? PLUS The old gang's back!

TV Guide Best of 2006-My Big Year. Small Hugh on the cover. Robert Sean Leonard on the inside, offering all kinds of slashy fodder for both H/W and Hugh/Robert.

TV Guide-December 11-17 2006-Christmas issue with Bonus Elvis CD. Slashy House/Wilson picture on page one. Stare-down from Merry Little Christmas.

And some Doctor Who Stuff

Doctor Who Magaine
June 27, 2007-David Tennant on the cover as John Smith with the scarecrows from Family of Blood.

SFX-April 2007
Tennant and Freema-Series 3 Exclusive. "Russell T Davies on the fantastic 2007 series of Doctor Who. PLUS! New photos an behind-the-scenes scoops."

I've also got People Magazine-November 27, 2006-George Clooney's first Sexiest Man Alive issue.

The great CD & Book give-away is still open for business as well:
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