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Thanksgiving: The Epic Post

Thanksgiving-Mostly hung out on-line while hubby slept. Around 4-ish, we went over to see his sister. She was in pretty good shape. She’d gotten dressed and made up and there was a home health care professional with her, which was helpful in terms of deflecting tension and having someone to do the “cooking,” which in this case meant nuking some dinners from Meals On Wheels.

About the only palatable part was the stuffing, but that’s really all I like on Thanksgiving anyway, and it meant there was no potential for massive face stuffing. I had brought over some small pies from Bi-rite and those were delicious.

Afterwards, Hubby agreed to go to the Mint with me for an attempt at “500 Miles.”

Here’s the result:


I could have danced sung all night cause a bunch of my friends were there, but Hubby’s karaoke tolerance is limited so we went home.

Friday-MASSAGE DAY! Met hllangel at the Westfield Centre before going to Burke Williams for our massages. The massage was great, but there was pain involved. As one of my “enhancements” I asked for some deep tissue work, which caused a lot of screaming. My muscle are pretty much nothing but big masses of knots. She did her best to work them out, but there was only so much I could take. I also got hot packs on my back which helped loosen up some of that and there was some aromatherapy involved, but I honestly didn’t notice it too much. Probably because I was too busy trying to absorb the pain from the deep tissue work.

Then we got in some good hot-tub and sauna time. Divine decadence darling . Especially when they bring you frozen grapes. I got so light-headed I managed to lose my locker key. In my defense, the robe didn’t have pockets, so I’m not sure where I was supposed to put the damn thing, but they did have to come rescue me with the master key.

Since we were in a mall in the midst of the Black Friday madness, we needed to get away as soon as we were “back in world.” (Leaving Burke Williams is like leaving a cocoon of peace and quiet.) We hopped on BART back to the Mission and met hubby, so we could go to brunch at Chow. I had the tuna melt with fries. NOM NOM NOM.

Hubby went home and hllangel and I did a quick hit on the Mint, but not much was happening there, so we went to Café Petra for some tea and to check email and such. By this time, Hubby was being just a bit pissy because he’d wanted to go to a 530P showing of Hugo and that wasn’t going to happen. I basically told him to cool his jets because I wasn’t going to see hllangel again for at least six months and there was an 830P showing we could make. Which is exactly what happened.

Hugo-so this is Scorcese doing a children’s movie? No cursing. Some implied violence. The 3-D effects were well used and the recreation of the Paris train station was amazing. (Including a “Django Reinhardt” appearance.) Ben Kingsley in another “Oscar-bait” roll, but my favorite work was done by Sacha Baron Cohen. I rarely like him as his own characters like Borat or Ali G, but when he’s in something like Sweeney Todd or this, he does a good job and his was my favorite performance in the movie. There was some pretty blatant telling involved, but a lot of amazing showing as well. I’d recommend the movie with the caveat that it takes a while for the plot to get going and you’re better off knowing as little about the BIG TWIST as possible.

SATURDAY-Hubby’s day to do stuff. (Shakuhachi lesson, sewing group at the Zen center.) Mine to try and get some housework done. I went up to the Mint at two so I could hang with my friend Frank and try out some songs in a safe (empty) environment. I figure out that “Chain Reaction” works if I take it down two tones, and that I still need to memorize the rap in the middle of “Tripping” by Robbie Williams.

Hubby dragged me out at four and then we did some shopping, so I could cook dinner. Finished up the first season of Leverage and watched the first episode of Mad Men.


Set alarm (I thought) for 6AM, so I could get ready for Ivan to pick me up at 715A for Run Wild For A Child. Thanks to Ivan’s mis-speaking to someone who asked, I’m now calling it Run To The Wild Side. (It used to be Run To The Far Side---Gary Larson contributed cartoons for the t-shirts.) It would be awesome to see runners dressed up as hookers, junkies and transvestites. Or even transvestite junkie hookers.

Actually I had alarm set for 7AM, but luckily my brain managed to rouse me at 615AM. When I went downstairs it was so cold, with a wet bite in the air, that I ended up going back upstairs for another layer. There was also some drama of me leaving my cell phone in the car and having to go back for it. We picked up our race-bibs with a few minutes to spare, by which time we’d actually warmed up a bit.

Since it’s NOT Run To The Far Side anymore, the costumes no longer have a “Far Side” theme. This is good. No more getting beat by cow. On the other hand we did get beat by a bunch of Sock Monkeys. Ivan insisted that we actually pick up our pace from a brisk walk to a sprint in order to avoid being beaten by a Barbie Doll and a Monopoly board. Oh yeah, THAT was a good idea.

Yes, there will be a picspam showing most of this insanity.

We finished the 5-K in about an hour, went to get the car, and drove back to the Mission. Picked up hubby and went for yet another brunch at Chow. What can I say? We really like Chow. Hubby reallyreally likes Chow. And this time we were in time for breakfast instead of lunch, although TOO early for French Fries. Hubby likes Eggs Benedict, but wants them with French Fries instead of home fries. Whatever.

I went home for a much-needed nap, then got up and went to the Mint! Fun times! Peggy was there and I was a bit of a duet slut, singing “Well Did You Evah” with Peggy, and “A Rockin’ Good Way” with Yanni.

Came home with Sushi and we finished the rest of the first disk of Mad Men.

I’m still a little put off by the cringe-factor of the sexism. I understand that’s the point. I’m supposed to be made uncomfortable, but that doesn’t necessarily make for enjoyable television. I’m also a bit perturbed that the initial identification character was so quick to hop into bed with the apparently least likeable character on the canvas. Not sure what the point to that was. But we’ll definitely continue with it.

Today we’re back at the office, where I just had my performance review. Bottom line: I’m doing a great job. Too bad there’s no money for raises.

And so it goes!
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