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Post #1-Happy Birthday Me!

I had a really, really nice day off, including staying up late the night before chatting and re-watching TW episodes. God bless TiVo.

Slept in until Hubby came home. Went for a run. Did some vintage shopping for my OTHER Halloween costume, including scoring the perfect fedora, which makes me incredibly happy because I thought I was going to have to traipse all over town in search of that thing, and possibly end up buying a new one for beaucoup bucks.

You already know I love living in San Francisco, but living in the Mission is really a wonderful thing, especially if you’re a vintage clothing hunter or used book buyer or chow-hound or just about anything else.

I spent a few hours hanging out down at Café Petra, using the high-speed to download JB stuff and watch You-tube clips before heading off to the Mint for some hit & run Karaoke with my friend David. I whipped open the laptop (which I was still schlepping) and showed him the It’s In His Kiss fanvid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A9GAk7ESYOk

And I’m pretty sure we’ve got a new Barrow-mania convert.

Picked up some KFC Chicken Strips for hubby. Yeah, I know it’s disgusting, but the sushi place by the Mint doesn’t open til after five and hubby wanted to get up around 4:30PM.

We watched Countdown together and then he went to work while I stayed around working on my costume fic and then having my fabulous on-line House party. Lackluster episode, but I’ll babble about that in a separate post.

Thanks to both daasgrrl and michelleann68 for the LJ gifts currently on display at my profile. Handcuffs & Balloons. So much fun to be had with both, separately and together.

I also got amazing birthday loot in the form of wonderful fics, which I’m putting in an individual pimp post. PLEASE take a look if you haven’t yet, because these all deserve some love! Thank you guys-you’re the best.
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