karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

A new month-back on the bicycle.

I rose to work this AM, took the long way around, but not much time for extra miles. So about 6.46 miles in under an hour. So far so good on food. I'd like to stay "clean" for the month.

I'm still pretty disappointed with how badly everything fell apart in October and November. First there were the muscle spasms, then bike problems and then more muscle spasms. When the exercise goes any semblance of non-binging pretty much goes with it. I'm avoiding the judgement of the evil scale god, but all I can wear are the size 16 clown pants. This is sad because at the beginning of October, I was promising myself that I'd be in my skinny jeans for New Years.

I want to go back to a M/W/F Gym/Push up schedule and Tues/Thurs bike to work, but I'm still scared to do anything that will re-trigger the muscle spasms. I know I wasn't getting them when I was doing the 100 push-up program so that's probably where I'll start, along with some stability ball crunches, although NOT the ones I was doing with the trainer. They were awesome, but I'm pretty sure that I wasn't isolating the core muscles and that's where the problems started.

Riding home in the dark again is going to be scary. Hopefully I can hook up with a "peloton." Safety in numbers and all that.
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