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Post #2-Pimp Post for my wonderful gift-fics.

I've got my belted leather jacket, flares and a hat with a feather in the brim. (There's gotta be a better name for it than pimp-hat, but I can't think what it is right now.) These stories are my fine, fine stable of hot fics. Check it out. Check it out. Beautiful fics.

Too Few To Mention (Brilliant title by the way) by jadesfire

Six lovely Jack drabbles. Gen.

When I Sorrow Most by hllangel Extra lit points for those who get the title reference and the sad admission that your's truly did not.

Hate!sex squared. For anyone who has ever wanted to tell Jack to go fuck himself: it happens here and it’s TOTALLY HOT. NC17 and some dubious consent issues, but I mean it kids-hot! Very clever story-telling, fun with Time Lines and angst up the wazoo. (You know how painful that can be.)

Whatever Pays The Wages by paperclipbitch a/k/a kohlrimmedeye. I gave her the prompt Kiss someone’s wife, kiss someone’s ass. because I love the line and JB’s delivery of it in Sunset Boulevard and she made an amazing Jack!fic out of it. There’s a bit of torture, lots of snark and multiple pairings. Jack/Queen Victoria? Hell yeah! Even an Algy appearance.

And because I’m still a House-frau and H/W shipper in good standing, (I hope) I was delighted to receive Perverse by fallen_arazil OMG. H/W and Wilson/OMC, but inspite of my usual suspicion of OMCs, this one is brilliant and DARK and hot and sexy. Includes one of my favorite kinks, plus oodles of angst. Yippee.
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