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Tired & Guilty

I'm exhausted. I didn't do much this weekend except take the K-gal SUV (modeled after the Torch-mobile) shopping for party supplies and making song-lists, but I felt really detached and disconnected and not knowing what time it was.

There's a new Italian restaurant on 18th and we meant to eat Brunch there on Saturday, but we were too early and wound up on an adventure to find a new place to eat. We ended up at the fabulously named Last Supper Club on Valencia, where we've never gone before. I had Spaghettie Carbonara for breakfast and it was amazing. Having a virgin Mojito didn't hurt either.

We also did an Amoeba run and wound up walking all the way back from Haight Street because there were no cabs to be had.

Saturday night we watched Deadwood and on Sunday Carnivale and Hustle. And of course Saturday night was Torchwood Night.

I won't open the doors of wank, but most of you know where I'm at and if you don't, the drabble I posted makes it pretty clear. That one literally woke me up at 4 in the morning DEMANDING to be written.

Jack was, of course, delicious in the extreme, especially with Detective Swanson (I must find Jack/Swanson fic) and the hair touching and theLOOK he gave Gwen at the end. The twin acrobat story-OMGOMGOMG! The extended butt-shot.

Who cares about plot-holes when there's a butt like that to distract me.

Loved the Gwen/Suzie scenes. Really well written and acted. By the way, for awesome snark, check out www.recapist.com. As good as the best of TWoP, plus screencaps and wicked captions.

Monday is the Didi and Daddy night at the Mint. Didi the KJ and Daddy Dave behind the bar and they're having a party and I'm just too damn tired and feeling guilty as hell about it. I could walk up right now and at least say goodbye and be back in like 45 minutes, but I'm reallyreallyreally tired. And tomorrow's gonna be a bitch of day because I have to make sure everything is taken care off before I have a few days off for the party.

On one hand I'm not really a Monday night regular, but I do go from time to time and Didi has always been great to me. She invited me to her birthday party a few months back, which was a major production.

I suck.

In other news:

My friends Lowell and Herman, the same lucky dogs who actually saw JB on Broadway in Putting It Together, spotted Ethan Hawke at a showing of Elizabeth at the Chelsea Cinema in Manhattan.

AND--in possibly the highlight of my whole day (which doesn't say much for my day) I had to get one of my client's passwords to his Mileage Plus account and it turned out to be...whedonisgod.
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