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You scumbag, you maggot....

Welcome to another installment of Why My Hubby Is Awesome!

Saturday was shaping up to be a nice, if somewhat nippy day. I went to the gym and did some errands. Then we went out to brunch, hung out for awhile, and headed off to the movies to see Tinker Tailer Soldier Spy while everybody else was having their swoony slashfest over the Sherlock Holmes sequel.

No spoilers, but DAMN THAT WAS A GOOD MOVIE! So much awesome acting plus intelligent writing. Give me that plus a tidbit of slashy angst as opposed to two hours of smirking fanservice. I had a slight headache when we got out, but I thought that was just from trying to concentrate so hard on the plot of TTSS.

Hit Bi-Rite on the way home for some nibblies and then started watching the Second season of Castle. That's when I noticed my headache was getting REALLY BAD! By about 930P I had a full-blown screaming sinus headache. I knew exactly what I needed, which was Sudafed. Naturally, none in the house. Hubby went out to our nearest Walgreen's, which was still open, but the pharmacy there wasn't.

What some of my UK and other international F-listers might not know is that you can't just buy Sudafed over the counter here. Do you know why? Because apparently some sleazey low-life types use it to make Methamphetamine. At this point, I was lying in the dark, moaning in agony and simultaneous trying to tell hubby I'd be OK with Aleve, which was clearly not the case.

Hubby then got on his bicycle and rode to the Walgreens on Castro Street to get me Sudafed.

Three cheers for hubby! (Yes, he was properly rewarded the next morning, if you know what I mean. )

Sunday was HAIR DAY! Yay for getting my ugly roots and uglier gray hairs covered up, BOO because it was FREEZING and Sebastian did not have a lot of heat cranked up and the goop that covers up the nasty roots and ugly gray hairs is COLD! The price of beauty, you know? (Aside from $40.00 and the cost of brunch.)

It was also the Mint Christmas Party, which I absolutely did NOT expect hubby to show up at, but he did. He sang "2000 Miles" by The Pretenders and we did our annual duet of "Fairy Tale of New York." Thus, in spite of the fact that he saved my life with Sudafed the night before, I did in fact stand on a stage and sing to him, "You scumbag, you maggot, you cheap lousy faggot."

It was awesome.

And my hair looks spectacular. :)
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