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Settling down a bit...

yuletide obligations have been met, presents are wrapped and there's a chicken in the oven to take over to Psycho-sis' place later. Time to catch up on LJ and DW, which I haven't done in a few days. I haven't been ignoring anybody, I've been ignoring EVERYBODY.

Two of my goals for next year are contradictory. One is to claim my life back from the "_____-a-day" project hole that I dug myself into and spend more time off-line. Whole days, even. On the other hand, I'd like to do a better job of keeping up with my LJ F-list and DW Reading Circle. Plus I STILL have a year's worth of fic that I would like to read and comment on where possible.

A few other things I want/need to do are to go back and compile all the stories written from the Song Lyric Prompt project, plus make sure all the song links are healthy. I WILL finish typing up the notes from my UK Extravaganza at least get one more chapter of the NOVEL posted for those who are currently on that filter (or want to be.)

I have various TV shows and Movies on DVD that are still waiting to be watched. (I never got through Profit and I want to give Angel another try.)

Just to make it clear-there will not be a "Day" project in 2012. (Feel free to respond with boos, cheers or indifference.) I may go days without posting. And trying to stay off-line for any amount of time may be the hardest thing I try to do all year.

House-babble will continue as long as new episodes are being broadcast. I retain the right to stay in the Fandom and keep bitching as loudly as is warranted. Don't worry about my emotional or physical well-being. I'm Jewish. I thrive on outrage.

I probably won't be doing any fic for awhile. The drabble project was harder than I thought it would be and I am seriously burned out. There's a few drabbles that seem to be crying out for full-blown stories and I'll approach those when I feel up to it.

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