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My restaurant entitlement, let me show you it.

For about 10 years, hubby and I had a "go-to" Italian place on 16th Street called Il Cantuccio. They had great food, reasonable prices, and awesome spinach pesto dipping sauce that was universally called "The Green Stuff" and most important, we could always walk in and get a table. ALWAYS!

About a year ago, they closed without warning. Then I saw signs in the window for new ownership called "Mozzeria," which I immediately decided was part of a scam being run by Mozzie of White Collar. Well Mozzeria is now open. It appears to be going heavily for pizza, although there are regular entrees. From what I can see, they've put a big counter in and have far fewer tables. According to the web-site, they are deaf-owned and operated.
They also seem to be doing really well. Which is like, yeah, success, but BOO, because we tried to walk in the other day at 6PM when they open and there was already a line. We do NOT wait to be seated if it looks like more than five minutes.

So the Italian restaurant situation is currently: Delfina-too noisy and we can't walk in. Farina-not great food, Locando-we haven't even been able to get a reservation, and now Mozzeria. I've made a reservation for New Year's Eve, so we'll get a chance to check it out, but the line situation the other night was not promising.

All I want is an Italian restaurant, less than two blocks from my front door, with good food at reasonable prices, where I can ALWAYS walk in and be seated. Is that too much to ask?
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