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Big fluffy bathrobe! (The kind of fluff I actually like.)

Christmas present from Psycho-sis, and I genuinely love it. In fact, if I could just go into work wearing the robe and some fluffy-bunny slippers, I would do so. (Curlers optional.) Of course, if I worked at home, I could do that all the time, but my life just isn't conducive to that arrangement. Among other things Hubby works nights and sleeps days, so I can't have a phone ringing in the apartment all day.

About Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows...It's everything you've heard, but so much less. The ONLY real slashy vibe, as opposed to spoon-fed, smirky, aren't we edgy, never gonna go anywhere pandering is between Sherlock and Moriarity. That's the real heat and intensity. As it should be.

Jared Harris is AMAZING, which is not a surprise given his lineage and background.

Other than that, Guy Ritchie was clearly too busy blowing things up to try and control Robert Downey JR and ESPECIALLY Jude Law's acting. Yes, Jude, we get it. You can do comedy, except you know what? Really? You can't.

Second best performance was given by Noomi Rapace's cheekbones, but said cheekbones took up way too much of the movie, side-lining other characters, especially more interesting female ones.

Stephen Fry as Mycroft was (in retrospect) almost too obvious. Even the fanservice of Nekkid Fry didn't make up for the performance and the rehashing of the hair-do from Wilde.

I know I'm being cranky here, but I just felt there were too many missed opportunities and that Guy Ritchie really is a dick and his dickishness in all senses of the word, dragged down the movie.

Doctor Who Christmas Special-So much better than last year. SO. MUCH. BETTER. I really feel the absence of the Confidential because I want to know how they did some of that stuff. Especially the walking trees. Was it all CGI or tree costumes plus funky perspective stuff and green screens? How cool would it be to have an interview with Bill Bailey talking about being in Doctor Who? Damn you BBC Budget cuts!

And a hearty FU to BBC America, who after only waiting EIGHT YEARS to show State of Play, apparently did some major hacking to make room for the commercials, thereby really cutting into character motivations, especially our beloved Cal.

Time to get out of big fluffy bathrobe, drag myself downtown to the office, where there will be nothing to do.

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