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New Year-New start

Originally posted by karaokegal at New Year-New start

I spent most of New Year's Eve schlepping bags of books and garbage down the stairs and doing laundry. I must have been up and down at least 10-15 times. New Years Day, I nice hill-climbing walk for about an hour.
Now my goal is to try and ride the bicycle at least 10 miles per day for the next few weeks. I'm going to let off the push-ups for awhile. The food got way out of control in the past month or so with predictable results. (Hubby got me a pair of jammies for Christmas. They're sized medium and and I get them over my large posterior region.) I want to try and jump-start the cardio, then I can come back to pushups and strength training.

In terms of running events, I think instead of aiming at another 1/2 Marathon, I'm going to concentrate on a few 10 and 12-K races that are known for "gnarly hills," such as Emerald Nuts Across the Bay and Bay To Breakers.

January 2-Bike ride-10.56 (I managed to go a full ten before I had to stop for a light...since I didn't have to be anywhere at anytime, I could just keep turning to avoid them.)
January 3-Bike ride-10.82 (Lots of laps around the Mission Bay area to get in extra miles and avoid traffice.) VERY COLD. Riding in heavy fog and downtown insanity for the last 1/2 mile.

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