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Back on the Chain Gang

A/K/A Desk of Doom!

Some recent developments:

Dear Client who is already notorious for calling at 545P and sucking me into some weird vortex of personal travel that tends to involve my doing a lot of extra work which is generally NOT what we do, but I'm just a travel agent who can't say no,

I'm sorry to hear about the death of your grandfather.

I'm happy to help you make arrangements to go to Texas for the funeral. I'm sorry it's more expensive than you would like and I'm even willing to go on-line with the airline to try and access the slight discount you would get on a bereavement fare.

Against my better judgement, at 610P, I was even willing to try and do a free mileage ticket, which you brought up when I was half-way through with the bereavement fare.

HOWEVER, I cannot help you if you don't know your own pin # to get into your on-line account with the airline. Please to not be leaving lengthy voice mail including mild swearing to express your frustration with the airline for not giving you want you wanted and I would also appreciate not be conference called in on your discussion with the airline.

Really sorry about your grandfather, though.


I don't want to go to the holiday party. It's an over-nighter out of the city. I might be able to get a ride, but then I'm dependent on that person to get me back to the City which I'd want to do fairly early.

Also...body issues. I'm fat. I feel fat. I look fat. I don't want to be fat around my friends and co-workers. Yes, I realize that no one gives a fig what I look like and I'm not THAT FAT. I'm maybe a few over where I was the last time they all saw me. I just happen to have lost and then put back on since then, so I feel like it's much worse by comparison.

Also the main focus of the party will be food. And I don't want to be sitting there in front of tons of food feeling or acting like a martyr because I'm back on the wagon. I also don't want to
be stuffing my face and risk not being able to start all over for a few more weeks or months.

Plus I just don't want to give up my weekend and my Karaoke on Sunday, which hubby would probably want me to do if he goes down with me and we don't get back until Sunday afternoon. If he doesn't go down with me we lose part of our weekend together. If he does, he gets a dinner and hotel night and possibly breakfast out of it, but he has to hang out with people he doesn't know very well. Let's not forget that there's just so much shop-talk any outsider wants to listen to.

Bottom line: I DON'T WANT TO GO! Unfortunately my boss-lady is being super pushy and passive-aggressive on the issue. She keeps asking WHY I don't want to go, and most of my reasons (some of which I gave above) do not impress her.

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