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Hubby wants to cook...and a few other random items.

Behind a cut for possible triggers: Exercise, food, body issue stuff.

OK, here's the deal. I've been "on the wagon" or "abstinent" or however you want to describe it, since the beginning of the year. Where possible, I'm eating weighed and measured portions. No refined sugar. Lots of fruits and veggies. At the moment, no diet soda either. So I'm not in what my old OA compadres would recognize as "gray sheet" or even "blue sheet," but I am writing own EVERYTHING and I consider myself as clean as it's possible to get without going into a total low-blood sugar daze.

I've ridden at least ten miles on the bicycle every day since the 2nd of January. I'm feeling pretty decent about myself, although I'm not quite into the biggest of the 14s. Part of the problem is that the clown-pants 16s aren't just big, they're big and stretchy. The 14s are either denim or non-stretcy fabric. Which means, if they're not a little big, they feel super tight. I don't want to be walking around in anything tight. For one thing I HATE that feeling an for another, I'm terrified of setting off another round of muscle spasms.

So anyway, I'm in a nice little groove with the food. I'd be just as happy NOT to have hubby cook anything, but if he has to make pesto, which is his signature dish, I THINK I could manage with a small portion and just fill in with fruits and veggies.


He wants to make beef stew. I know what you're thinking. YUMMY! What you are not realizing is that while hubby is a wonderful guy, who has put up with 20+ years of my food insanity, he HAS heard me enunciate over and over and over that red meat is a binge-trigger for me. I don't know if any of you put much credence in macrobiotics, but part of the philosphy holds that meat and sugar are at opposite ends o the yin/yang spectrum. I love sugar. I love red meat. Preferably, extremely fatty red meat. In fact, I'd rather have the fat than the meat. And red meat triggers sugar. I eat red meat, I want sugar. I eat sugar, I want red meat.

And he's going to cook beef stew for dinner, which I am going to have to eat some of.

I decided to add some 70's TV to the Netflix queue, so last night we watched the first two pilots of Columbo.

So much love and joy. Mostly. Great scores. 70's cars. 70's hair. Awesome guest killers. So far Gene Barry and the AMAZING Lee Grant.

However...fairly blatant abuse of Miranda rights, what appear to be some fairly obviously errors in jurisdiction, a scene where I was screaming at Columbo to get his paws off a girl, and this little tidbit, where Columbo is talking to a male associate who works for the a female partner at the law firm.

Columbo: I don't see how you can do it.
Associate: What?
Columbo: Work for a woman.

(This was done deadpan, no irony, and I don't THINK it was part of Columbo playing dumb, because that associate was never seen again.)

Seriously folks. Instead of bitching at Steven Moffat for whatever we're bitching about this week, how about we light up a Virginia Slim and look at how far we've come.

I've also got some McMillan and Wife and Banacek coming in. I suspect the Banacek will be extremely dodgy. I remember him being a prime male chauvinist, and more or less getting away with it because GEORGE PEPPARD. The McMillan and Wife should be less so plus YAY 70's San Francisco.


I've started watching Rachel Maddow again, and Keith Olbermann. Remember Keith is still doing Countdown on Current, so see if your Cable Company offers it. If not there may be download or podcast options.

ETA: The lovely kshandra provided the following info from the Current FAQ: Certain Countdown clips will be available through podcasts with some of our digital partners including iTunes, xfinitytv.com, Hulu and YouTube, but unfortunately, full episodes will not be available for download because our agreements with our cable and satellite distributors do not allow us to do so.

It feels so good to be hearing the voice of reason again and remembering that the whole world is NOT Fox News and it's minions.

Watching Rachel do the Iowa Caucaus coverage was truly wonderful because she was running the show and there was none of that annoying crap she had to put up with from Chris Matthews, Lawrence O'Donnell and even to some extent Keith on Election night 2010.

Rachel Maddow is pretty much the coolest person on the planet.


I have been making progress on some of my Post-Drabble-a-Day projects. Still typing up Novel notes and making some sense of my photo folders. I even did some actual book-reading this morning. I want to do more of that. Certain nights I will try and designate as "off-line," because I can't do both. The computer is all-consuming as long as it's one, even if it's being consumed with time-suck like Tumblr and Cubis.


Coming soon: Final drabble stats, post-mortem post, and a playlist. Also, My Yuletide Reveal AND THE RETURN OF THE PIMP POST!

Stay tuned!
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