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Halloween-Real Life

I went to Oakland around four in the afternoon yesterday, naturally getting a bit lost on the way, and went to the place where Sebastian works. He was already in his zombie regalia and he made me up in full glamour make-up including the most annoying false eyelashes in history as well as pinning up my hair so it would stay under the fedora.

Then I got into all the bits of my costume and I gotta tell ya kiddies, it looked specatcular. The same jacket I used for my Teddy Boy costume two years ago made an awesome substitue for a flared tuxedo jacket and it's really hard to look bad in black tights and a pair of high heels.

We drove back to the City and even by some miracle found parking right in front of the MInt. I knew things were gonna be awesome when I spotted a dead ringer for Annie Lennox in the Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) video, as well as my friend Matt who I haven't see for years, as a Federation Officer.

Things started slow, but by 10:00PM the place was literally rocking. Among those present by costume were Courtney Love, Freddie Mercury, Ziggie Stardust, Dolly Parton, Sonny & Cher, Tony Clifton, George Michael, and Jerry Garcia. There was also a fabulously dyktastic bunch of drag kings, blueashke in her corset, my friend David fresh from work and looking hot in work clothes and claiming he was from Slitherin House, and Jim the Bartender showing us his fabulous legs in a nurse get up. I also hung out with my friend Don in his pajamas, and we always have fun together.

My only major disappointment was that the Mint's arrangement of "Get Happy," which is sort of the point of the costume, sucks, so my performance didn't acheive Judy-esque standards, but otherwise I'd say things were great. I was a lot less stressed out about acheiving Halloween Perfection than I have been in the past. (I'm already pretty sure what I'm doing next year.)

Due to Mayor Gav being the Grinch who stole Halloween by outlawing the usual Castro celebration, there weren't as many people on the street as usual, which was a bummer, however as far as I know, no-one got shot this year so that's good.

Sebastian ditched me for some Porn Party in the East Bay and I managed to last until about 1030PM finishing up with "You'll Never Walk Alone" which turned into a bit of a caterwaul, but getting a nice round of applause anyway.
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