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Yuletide reveal and pimpage!

I wrote two stories for yuletide this year.

No Rules For Fools written for Ariadnes_String
Fandom: The Hour
Rating: R

This is the first year I ended up being assigned the same fandom I wrote for. I loved The Hour so much, so it was a joy to spend more time with the characters, both as a writer and a recipient. Extra special thanks to my lovely Brit-checking betas, filthgoblin and timbershiver, who saved me from various glitches, including my delusion that one got "sent up," to prison, instead of "sent down."

Goodnight From Him written for dafnagreer.
Fandom: Would I Lie To You RPF
Characters: David Mitchell, Rob Bryden, Lee Mack, Sarah Millican, Ronnie Corbet.
NOTE: Totally GEN, so those of you who have quibbles about RPF that puts the characters in sexual situations might be more comfortable with this one. However, if you find ALL RPF gross and icky, you should definitely steer clear.
Rating: G

Thanks to michelleann68 for a very quick and thorough Beta.

This was just plain fun to write and it definitely seemed to amuse a lot of commenters. You might also like it, if you're a regular watcher of QI, because a lot of same personalities are involved.


My lovely gift was Of Equal Value by Templemarker.

It's a great bit of Hector/Freddy snark that captures the style and spirit of the show perfectly and sounds just like a "missing scene." I love how it reveals the insecurities and undertones for each of them as well as delving into their "competition" for Bel.

Go. Read. Give Love. And then please read the other fics for The Hour that were written for Yuletide which can all be found here.

On behalf of the fandom, I wish that all of the fics had attracted a bigger readership.
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