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Notes on Sherlock-The Hounds of Baskerville.

1. Not every story needs 90 minutes to be told.
This one sure as hell didn't. The padding was both obvious and egregious.

2. I love Rupert Graves, but there was absolutely no need for Lestrade in this episode and he felt really shoe-horned in.

2-A. Where's Donovan? I want some more Sherlock/Donovan smoldering hatred snark.

3. I kept expecting Russell Tovey to turn into a werewolf. He was acting very George-like and the setting certainly felt conducive to it.

3-A. Loves me some Russell Tovey, even more so because of the Who-Sherlock connection, but he needs to find some roles where's he's not doing the same schtick. One reason I've loved writing my Jack/John/Alonso stories is because my head-canon Alonso is able to almost keep up with Jack in drinking and whoring and is willing to change loyalties, screw people over, and get in bed (literally and figuratively) with Captain John. I'd like to see Russell do more roles like that. Less stammering dorkiness, no matter how adorable it is.

4. I lovelovelovelovelovelove that Sherlock was a complete and utter bastard to EVERYONE including Mrs. Hudson and John. Far less of that "humanity" crap that was being foisted on us last time around. The absolute contempt in the fireside scene was amazing. The morning after apology is irrelevent, AND he let the contempt out again, which made it even better.

4-A. Not saying it's not slashy. Just that it's GOOD slash instead of schmoopy oopy sentimental crap. Easy enough to imagine sex. Just no hope of sentiment or curtain buying.

5. Yeah, I get it. "Cheekbones." Fanservice du jour served up with a snicker by a snicker Mark Gatiss. Whatever.

6. I was guessing Evil Shrink. I was wrong. Evil Scientist, instead. Close enough, especially in that it was the OTHER person Henry trusted. Presumably if it had been Evil Shrink, it would have been further evidence of Moffat's "misogyny.'

7. Really bad CGI effects. REALLY BAD!

8. I was spoiled for the "drugging and experiment" scene. I did think it would be real drugging, and all I could think was, yeah, I've seen this on House MD already. Slightly different premise here, but equally (and awesomely) douchey. The point that the drug wasn't in the sugar wasn't really clear to me. I think there was a breakdown in the writing there.

8-A. Does it count as drugging if the drug wasn't in the sugar, but Sherlock was convinced it was at the time? Does that make it worse or better? I don't know. I just like that he did it, that he was unrepentant and that he insulted John and expected him to take it.

8-B. I know my appreciation of this behavior is backlash against too much slashy fangirl squeeee. Again, although I ship Sherlock/Donovan (and maybe John/Lestrade) I can see Sherlock/John. I just don't want it to be spoon-fed and pretty.

9. I'm not sure I buy the idea of Lestrade as Sherlock's "handler." Even though this Lestrade gets to be way cooler and smarter than ACD's. Didn't Mycroft try to give John that job? Or maybe he just co-opts everyone in Sherlock's life because he knows Sherlock will keep him at bay, but he needs Sherlock managed?

10. "Brother Dear." SO CAMP! Probably the sexiest moment in the whole episode too. I will have to go back and read all the Sherock/Mycroft smut again, won't I?" HOT!

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