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Brief NCIS rant

We caught up on the last two episodes and I'm really pissed.

First of a disclaimer. I genuinely don't have "horse in the race." My ONLY solid ship for NCIS is Gibbs/Fornell and that does not mean I'm in any way threatened by the Tony/Gibbs shippers. You can delude all the subtext you want, but it ain't there.

As far as Tony/Ziva is concerned, I don't ship it per se. I like the angst more than the idea of an actual relationship, because aside from Rule 12, there are really good reasons why it WILL NOT WORK! Be that as it may, if TPTB are planning to go there, so be it.

HOWEVER, you know the one way to make me not want a couple to get together EVER?????

Give one or both of them an alternate partner, who clearly exists to eventually be cast aside, killed, put on a bus etc, and then, having given them a modicum of interesting personality or back-story, proceed to completely character assassinate them, in such a way that not only are they out of the picture in terms of competing for a relationship, but have also been completely villified to the extent of making the other character doubt themselves for ever being interested.

In other words, did Ray have to be a bastard who left poor woobie!Ziva sitting at a table for three hours AND a lying, evil killer? Actually, I'm almost more annoyed at the bastard/woobie part of the equation. Ziva Fuckin' David sitting at a table for three hours waiting? REALLY? Does anybody believe that? Except for the purposes of cutting her down to size in some way so Tony can be her solace and comfort? BLECH.

As far as the killing is concerned....first of all, I'm still not sure exactly why/how he had to kill the drunk cop's wife, but I hardly see where Ziva gets off pulling any high horse shit about political assassination of people deemed a threat to one's country. Normally I would be pulling the high horse shit about that myself, but it's just so out of character for everyone involved that I'm pretty much ready to give Ray a medal and count the drunk cop's wife as collateral damage.

I know a lot of my F-list are Tony/Ziva shippers and MAY have found the past two week's episodes reason for squeeeee! Personally, it really makes me hope they never get together.

A very hearty fuck-you to the NCIS writers and anyone else responsible.

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