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We're NOT going to the Superbowl

And other tidbits from my weekend!

For one thing it's been pouring rain, so Thursday was the last bicycle day, because I will not ride in the rain. Too scary, aside from the whole cold and wet thing. So since then it's been treadmill running and at least I'm back in some of the 14's.

Following the electrical emergency of earlier in the week, Hubby & I, started undertaking a massive clean up. We've actually seen the floor of my closet for the first time in years and had a guy with a truck take a ton of bags to the dump for us. A professional cleaning company is coming in on Monday night. By the end of the week, we'll be able to call the landlord to call the electrician to fix whatever I burned out AND maybe even bring up the bug issue.

We watched all the extras for Genesis of the Daleks
Still working on the 2nd season of Castle and started the third of Leverage.

Brunch on Saturday was Chow, which is our standby and was fine, but Brunch today was at Mozzeria, which was amazing. Three words: Eggs Benedict Pizza! Oh yeah, baby! Did I mention that they use prosciutto, instead of Canadian Bacon. Basically the only mistake we made was not just splitting one. I could only eat half (barely) and Hubby had ordered a different pizza for himself. Now we know better. Also, the OJ was some of the best fresh-squeezed we've ever had. Nom nom nom.

Karaoke was very strange tonight...between the Niners/Giants game and the rain, and Sebastian having something to do elsewhere the place was empty. I sat there for nearly three hours with just Daddy Dave and Jim the bartender and Dave the bar-back, basically just hanging out and watching the game at the Sushi bar next door until Giovanni showed up and we did some singing.

I got home with the sushi just in time to watch the Niners NOT WIN THE GAME.

Fuck and double fuck.

I hate to have to say it, but Go Pats!

And thank you GOD for taking out that sanctimonious creep Tebow. If he'd been in the Superbowl his repulsive Wing-nut fans would be even more annoying than they've been all season.

Speaking sanctimonious creeps and wing-nuts. YOU GO SOUTH CAROLINA!!! Thank you for keeping the circular firing squad going a bit longer and actually making Newt Gingrich an actual contender.
Come on Republican Party (or Wing-nut branch thereof) go ahead and nominate Newt Gingrich. Please please please. You KNOW you want to.

Because how awesome would it be if President Obama wins in a fucking landslide instead of a squeaker?
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