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Halloween-The LJ party

You guys are freakin' awesome!

So many wonderful stories. I LOVE how people ARE willing to edit their muses in the name of fun and making eachother happy.

I'm fascinated by how some of you have been able violate your principles, your OTPs and posssibly the laws of god and man. Remember, the brain bleach and ret-con are available, and I'm sure the cute bartenders can mix up something that will make you feel better as well.

Remember, the party officially lasts a week, so there's plenty of time for posting, reading and commmenting. It looks like the goodie bags are getting full, so YAY all of you for that.

I'm going to read EVERYTHING, but the longer fics may get goodies later in the week, so please don't worry that the hostess is avoiding you.

I hope everybody's having a fabulous time, enjoying the food, the fic, the music, making new friends, dancing on the tables and snogging in the coat-room.

It looks like you guys are eating up a storm so I'm going out on a food run and will be back shortly to re-join the festiviites.

Party On!
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