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State of the Pimp Post

Sherlock BBC

Three Stages by hllangel.

AO3 link

Short, sweet, sad, angsty, but NOT over-the-top or out-of-character John fic, dealing with the events of Reichenbach. John and Sherlock centric, but not necessarily shippy.
Go! Read! Give love!

On Her Majesty's Secret Service by Sherlock2040

On the other side of the spectrum, a crossover vignette featuring Mycroft and Malcolm Tucker of The Thick of It. Light, bitchy and full of cursing. Awesome stuff.



Lying by book_junkie007

Drabble. Gwen, in between CoE and Miracle day, dealing with her feelings for both Jack & Rhys.

Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again by veritas6_5

Gwen-centric. Pain and darkness and character death, OH MY! It's got a lot about Jack/Rhys, but it's definitely a Jack/Gwen fic and so hauntingly done, you'll race through to the end.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3A
Part 3B
Part 4


Funny Familiar Forgotten Feelings (The Rocket Man Remix)

emmademarais was kind enough to remix one of my Numb3rs drabbles and this is the result. A must read for Larry/Megan fans.


Warehouse 13

A Myka/HG friendship ficlet by samstjames.

Untitled, but very sweet and a little sad.


House MD

Five People Who Met Michael Tritter (And Three Who Didn't) by sydpenguinbunny

Rating/Warnings: PG-13, character death

A really well-done revisit of Detective Tritter, done both honestly and fairly, but still managing to be sympathetic.
Tags: gwen cooper, house md, pimping, real!jack, sherlock bbc, torchwood, warehouse 13


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