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You couldn't have mentioned this to the Front Desk....

Originally posted to customers_suck (Where I was essentially told that
my customer didn't suck enough to qualify.)

Email from the admin of a VIP PARTNER in the Law Firm that I'm staffed at. I'm his travel agent and I AM responsible for making sure that he's upgraded, given amenities, and generally bowed and scraped to. However, I really don't see how this is my responsibility:

VIP PARTNER needs a hotel room for January 29 (1 night) at the Big Expensive Hotel near the office. He said that he likes the room size at the Bigger and More Expensive Hotel but his big issue with them is that their cable/tv service is horrible. They will provide him with a very nice room/upgrade, but most of the time he cannot get ESPN on the TV(s). He said there have been many times when the TV service doesn't even get him the major channels (NBC, CBS) very clear. We should put him in the Big Expensive Hotel, but could you check with the rep at the Bigger and More Expensive Hotel and find out what the scoop is on this issue regarding the TV/Cable service. Are they changing systems or something?
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