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House Babble for Runaways

House party attended by evila_elf, with special guest appearance by Hubby!

Badly written, badly directed and I’m trying to decide if it’s bad acting on Hugh’s part or a conscious decision to stop giving House any warmth or charm whatsoever.

Back in the early seasons, House did and said horrible things, but it was usually to people who genuinely deserved them or were in a position to derive some benefit. In the last two episodes, House has been cruel for cruelty’s sake and whatever Hugh USED to do that somehow made it all tolerable isn’t happening anymore. Maybe he just really wants to make the point that House is completely unlikeable and STILL a great doctor, EXCEPT the writers are making him not be such a great doctor so it doesn’t add up.

It was fun to see him do the Sherlock act with the PoTW and her fake father in the first scene, but it was downhill after the ear-blood.

Patient had almost the same personality as Hannah Morganthal from Insensitive, who also had parasites, by the way, in the form of the big giant tape-worm. With a little bit of Teen Age Super Model from Skin Deep, allowing Adams to channel her inner Cameron.

Aside from PEOPLE DON’T CHANGE, we were also anvilled to death with ALL PARENTS ARE EVIL and even the attempt to re-float the bogus abuse crap in House’s backstory to which I still call a loud and hearty BS.

The Aesop here seems horribly twisted. Does House and/or the writers really believe the girl is better on the streets? They really must believe that PEOPLE DON’T CHANGE and ALL PARENTS ARE EVIL. The fact that they couldn’t/wouldn’t give the mother the benefit of the doubt just didn’t sit well at all.

Plus where the hell did House’s line to Adams about absolution come from? I really didn’t think that was her motivation. If it was, then the acting and writing were all kinds of fail. It sounded very much like a rehash of House line to Cuddy about how it was a good thing she’d never become a mother because she sucked at it. Which was a horrible thing to say, and only justified by the amount of pain House was in and their REAL backstory. In fact, that line alone should have kept House/Cuddy from ever happening as any attempted “good” relationship, but I digress.

The re-enactor subplot had a few good moments, but flamed out when it was obviously the only there to prove that PEOPLE DON’T CHANGE and there’s no use to have any kind of relationship with a family member. Period.

I immediately called that Foreman would lose interest the minute the guilt and sneaking around were out of the picture.

I immediately called that rich girl Adams would know how to shoot.

I knew the mom hadn’t hit the patient

The show has started telegraphing its punches about a million miles away.

You can go to all the locations in one episode you want to make the point that House is happy to be out of his tracking anklet, but it doesn’t make the show any more interesting. No, not even the turtle race. ZZZZZZZZ

STFU TAUB. Your kids may be boring, but not half as boring as you and your stupid, insane, show-killing subplot. No, one scene of Jesse Spencer being adorable with the babies does NOT justify any of this drivel.

Additional things that pissed me off this week:
1. Giving one of Wilson’s scenes to a WTF conversation with Taub.
2. Not even giving Park one good line.
3. Derailing any possible character development in the House/Foreman relationship. I don’t mind a certain amount of the mind-games, but out and out black-mail was just stupid.
4. Refloating the whole Foreman=House routine from all the way back in Poison. I know it’s been a theme, but half the time the writers can’t decide if it’s true or not. Make up your minds people.

It’s been over 5 years since the show was consistently excellent, but I’m feeling like there’s some kind of tipping point going on regarding House, and I’d still like to know why. I wonder if it’s part of some kind of end-game for finishing the show this year.

No fanservice this week! House was a dickish to Wilson as he was to everyone else. Still hurting each other. I could recycle one of my “moody” ficlets from 2007 and it would still be utterly valid.
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