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If I wanted to watch a sit-com, I wouldn't be watching White Collar.

What the hell is up with this show the past two weeks?

Did they actually think they'd gone TOO DARK for fluffy-wuffy USA and actually hinted at genuine angst and now they're repenting by making El and Peter into Samantha and Darrin?

I don't know which was worse, the entire first half hour of Neighborhood Watch, including that totally excruciating dinner scene, where everything we love about Peter and El, especially their HONESTY with each other was completely subverted, OR all the crap with El's parents in Pulling Strings. REALLY? Peter Burke is going to turn into ugly sweater wearing dufus because he's TERRIFIED of El's father? REALLY? What the fuck show do you think we've been watching until now?

Then they doubled down on pissing me off by having otherwise intelligent female characters act incredibly stupidly. El was much worse, but then Sara went into the dangerous situation which could have ended much worse if it wasn't fluffy-wuffy USA. At least she didn't have to be completely rescued, but still...she was an idiot.

No, I'm not thrilled about having to rehash Neal/Sara. It's over people, does anyone really think that have the ex b.f. SAY she was looking at Neal with passion is going to make me believe it when there was no such thing on the screen?

Blech and double blech.

Furthermore, the OT3-ness is being downplayed to reinforce Peter/El with Neal as the eternal outsider, although the car scene with Mozz could be interpreted just as Neal's mancrush on Peter manifesting itself, thereby hurting Mozzie. AGAIN. And speaking of Mozzie....we already know he's the "wacky" friend in the sitcom scenario, but for two weeks in a row, he's been El's BFF and now practically Peter's which strikes me as a little to much "inside" for comfort.

I'm not sure how I feel about the Diana/Christie wedding plot. If it were CBS, I'd say someone was going to die, but this FWUSA, so maybe not. Interesting juxtopositon of her less than super enthusiasm at the same time as Kramer is starting to dig. This could be good drama, if they're willing to go that way.

One thing that was funny/weird...seeing Tom Skerritt as El's father, less than a week after seeing him as Nate's father in Leverage. (Although not as weird as the fact that Ralph Waite is both Gibbs' father on NCIS AND Booth's Grandfather on Bones.)
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