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Post Presidents Day Pimp Post.

From the looks of things, I'm very late to the party, but just in case there is anyone who is a fan of House MD, Sherlock, Hugh Laurie, Benedict Cumberbatch, or just how good the art of making a fanvid can be, I strongly suggest you check out THIS VIDEO by the ultra-fabulous, daasgrrl. It combines House MD, Sherlock and Fortysomething (where BC played Hugh's son) and even though it uses a song I've been hating for most of my life, it's one of the most brilliant, moving things I've ever seen.

For those of you who can't get Youtube, here's a link to it on Vimeo

Once you've seen it, go to daasgrrl's LJ post and join the love parade.


A Bit of Self-Congratulations (and Jubilations).

Two of my House/Wilson drabbles have been translated into Russian.

They can be found Here. If I have any Russian-speakers, who are interested, I'd LOVE to know if the sound and feeling come across.



It All Falls Apart by book_junkie007.

A nice re-write of End of Days. Gwen/Ianto friendshippers will definitely enjoy.


House MD

A Long Time Ago by damigella_314.

WARNINGS: DARK DARK DARK. Danger Will Robinson! This is THE "House gets raped in prison" fic that those of us who like those things have been waiting for, but if you're least bit triggerable, you need to go in with full disclosure. She's not messing around and there's no loophole for "dub-con." This is definitely rape-rape, with only a barely discernible smidgeon of H/W schmoop to light the darkness.

Bonus damigella_314 drabble.
Can't Stop Craving.
It's H/W and it's the way I see them. Schmoop-free zone!
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