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Back to work today, but a few quick notes first.

1. There will be a Halloween Party playlist posted sometime today, I promise, as well as a vacation/weekend report.

2. If you haven't checked the original Halloween Party post lately, please do so. New party-goers are still arriving with stories and fanvids and I want everyone to get plenty of goodies.

3. Attention K Mart Shoppers Barrow-maniacs, if you haven't seen the clip All Out of Love, prepare for major swoonning.
Yeah, it's cheesey and possibly even camp, but he just LOOKS and SOUNDS so good. The shirts alone are to die for.

ETA-After a bunch of listens, I'm somewhat disturbed with the way John's voice is buried in the mix. I hope the whole album isn't like that.

4. I'm pretty mellow and relaxed after my 5 days away from the hell hole and I'm really, really hoping it doesn't all go horribly pear-shaped in the first five minutes.
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