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Cutest thing I heard all weekend.

So I'm hanging out at the Mint, watching my friend Jim singing "Big Ball's In Cow Town," which is an old Bob Wells western swing number and this girl named Thais comes up and asks me, "Is he your beau?"

First of all it's adorable that she would think Jim (gay) and me (married) are a couple, and it's even cuter that she actually said "beau." Turns out she reads a lot of Louisa May Alcott.

She's also training for a Triathlon and was using her birthday party as a Team In Training fundraiser with her fiancee raffling off massages.

Other highlights of the weekend.

Friday-the first day I came out of work at 6PM and it wasn't dark. Made for a much nicer ride home on the bike.

We had dinner at Mozzeria with Ivan, and then took him back to the apartment so he could see that it's considerably less of a sty than it had been.

Saturday-back to the gym for the first time in a few weeks. 30 minutes treadmill and some abdominal work. (I had some amazing body work on Wednesday and my neck is much better.)

Double feature at the Roxie. Pre-code festival going on. Freaks and Island Of Lost Souls. "One of us!" and "Are we not men?". Freaks was amazingly creepy and Island had Charles Laughton giving an incredibly campy performance.

We started the first Disc of The Mighty Boosh, which I've been looking forward to because I love Noel Fielding on Buzzcocks and it came highly recommended. We made it through about ten minutes before hubby gave it a thumbs down. I would have gone a little longer, but you can't really argue about humor and he didn't think it was funny.

Today we went back to Mozzeria for brunch because damn, that Eggs Benedict Pizza is insidious, especially when you write a note to to the chef to make sure your pizza crust is soft and chewy and not burnt.

The Mint was crazy tonight because of Thais' birthday/fundraiser. I rendition of Born to Run was a showstopper. I also participated in a Monkees set as a tribute to Davy Jones.

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