karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

Things I accomplished on my week off....

...in spite of the fact that it rained nearly nonstop for four days.

Got a massage!
Went to the gym Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
Saw This Means War and John Carter
Got a second new pair of Brooks Addiction. (Running shoes)
Discovered that Samovar is now serving a chilled Chai. As if my world wasn't already filled with dangerous addictions.
Got my nails done.
Made and drank a lot of Carrot/Apple/Celery juice.
Managed to (mostly) not think of the office.
Did some errands for Hubby (including a trip to see psycho-sis).
Got my Remix assignment and decided what I'm going to do with it. I promise it's something that you will not expect. Unless you're the people I've been babbling to about it all week.
ALMOST finished typing up my trip report...nearly a year after the event. I promise, the last installment plus pictures will go up tonight.
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