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Enough with the rain....

It went on ALL DAY Saturday, which was the day we'd designated to do some cleaning and instead mostly sat around watching episode of Top Gear until it was time to finish up Lie To Me and then some more of Mad Men, of which we're on Season 2. (I'm liking it a lot more than Season 1. It cracks me up that Don Draper is having an affair with a woman played by the actress who played Gibbs' ex-wife Diane on NCIS.)

Sunday there was something resembling sunshine out, so we went to Chow for brunch, but tried to keep it light because I knew we were having dinner at Mozzeria with my friend Regina and her girlfriend Julie.

We came home and actually did some cleaning because the landlord was scheduled to come in this week for an "assessment."

I went up to the Mint at three and Reggie & Julie showed at around 330P. Regina and I go back A VERY LONG WAY. Those of you who've been following The Chelsea Drugstore since the beginning may remember her as my friend who has 8 (count em' 8) children and then proceeded to come out as a lesbian. We've had periods where we didn't talk because she was deep in her right-wing Christian phase and I was here in San Francisco being me, but we've always had our Jersey roots and our mutual love of Barry Manilow to hold us together.

We absolutely butchered an attempt to sing "It's a Miracle" together, mostly because I'm an alto, verging on baritone and she's a sweet soprano. I did do some of my new material, including "The Snake" and "Port of Amsterdam."

I think Julie had a good time, although she was protecting her ears with plugs, a pretty wise move given the volume.

Reggie rocking out to Crocodile Rock

Regina and Julie

I had reservations at Mozzeria at 730P, so at 700A, we started walking down the hill and we met Hubby at the corner of 16th and Guerrero. Mozzeria was a good choice because it so much quieter in there. (Deaf owned and operated, as you also may recall.) There was a tense moment when Regina bit into her Quattro Formaggi pizza and announced that it was awful. I think the Fontina might have been a bit intense for her. Julie eventually persuaded her to give it another try and after that she seemed to be ok with it.

I had the Potato Gnocchi with bolognese ragu, ricotta cheese and roasted fennel. OMG! So good, but so so so rich. I felt really stuffed afterwards and actually not so good in the middle of the night, but that might have been the bottom I needed to hit to get back on the food wagon for awhile.

It was really really nice to hang out and chat with them and catch up. Last time they were in town, it was crazy, hit and run and barely time to talk. Since they live in the great Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Regina and Julie are officially engaged. They seem very happy and I wish the best for both of them, especially considering the cray-cray that Regina had to go through to get to this place.

I got to the gym today, but it doesn't look like there will be any bike riding tomorrow, because guess what?


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