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Post-party post.

Well, as far as I'm concerned the party goes on until I'm done reading and I still have a stack in front of me.

Costumes have been coming in all week, so if you haven't checked the post since the first few days, you may want to take another look.


The moderators of ficcommentary invite all Costume Writers to an After-After Party. Really proud of your fic? Struggled with it? Wish you did something different? Had a blast?

Awesome. We're inviting everyone to write a commentary on their story. It's a free for all. Afterward, we're going back to a once-a-week format. Cookies and music are being offered as well.

Here are some initial statistics on the party itself.

45 attendees plus myself

Costumes by Fandom
House MD-17 stories, one one fanvid and a filk song
Torchwood-8 (including 2 crossovers)
Dr. Who-7
RPS/RPF-4 (that makes me incredibly happy!)
SGA-2 (including one crossover)
Alias-1 (crossover with Torchwood)
Due South-1
Star Wars-1
Babylon 5-1
Sapphire and Steel-1
Criminal Minds-1
Jeeves & Wooster-O (Only mentioned because there was a lot of it last year.)

jadesfire graced us with a whole batch of drabbles, there-by upping the number of fandoms considerably.

Total Mpregs-4 including 2 SPN, one of which was in spanish.

Most downloaded song-Sunset Boulevard by John Barrowman. Like insanely so, unless Sendspace is lying to me, so I assume someone posted the link elsewhere. Which is fine guys. Spread the Barrow-mania when and where-ever you can.

I hope you guys all had a fabulous time and will continue to read the stories and give out goodies. I'm still reading as fast as I can and will get to everything, I promise...except I can't really read spanish that well. Anybody feel like translating?

And if anybody has any feedback about the party itself, whether the week-long thing worked or was too much, what frightening revelations you got about my taste in music, or your own muse, and most importantly-should we do it again next year-I'd love to hear it.

In the meantime, I'll be collapsed in a heap with a bag of candy and a stack of stories.
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