karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

Tomorrow is Hubby's Birthday!

Mr. Karaokegal (or Karaoke-guy, if you like) will be 54. Feel free to drop any greetings, congratulations, jubilations and commiserations for having put up with me all these years and I shall pass them on.

I'm on my way to Books Inc, one of the few actual bricks & mortar bookstores still selling new books in the City. RIP Stacy's and even Borders. *sob* Books Inc WAS kind enough to have the book I want to give him shipped down from another location.

Assuming I don't get on a train going the wrong way or keel over in the straight. I'm NOT starving myself, but going from pretty hard core scarfing to even a modicum of control is messing with my blood sugar something fierce. In other words at 1PM and 5PM every day, I'm generally dizzy wah-wah world. Luckily we're not super busy right now, so I haven't had the opportunity to screw up anything. That I know of.

Hubby called to tell me that my aunt called and my grandfather had a stroke. I don't know how serious. More on this story as it develops.
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