karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

Looks like my grandpa is ok.

According to my aunt, he's walked, he's sitting up, he's eating and she even put him on speaker phone so I could talk for a few minutes. The biggest problem seems to have been teaching him how to swallow.

There's some question as to whether he can go back to the assisted living facility he's been in or if he has to go to the hell hole nursing home where my grandmother currently is. I know what he wants and what I'd want, but it's really up to the doctors in this case. He's been fairly self-sufficient and does a good job of keeping moving and keeping busy. (He even took up the Bodrahn in the last few years and plays at various Irish pubs.)

I feel bad that I haven't seen any of my relatives in quite some time, but since the last motorcycle accident, I'm somewhat limited in my ability to get out of the City and especially to travel to Marin County.
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