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By the way, Bones sucked too!

I caught it because I had FOX on while waiting to watch House MD. And guess who was on in a small part: Pruitt Taylor Vince, who played patient of the week back in Que Sera Sera.

I haven't been watching consistently, but I'm really starting to wish we had some Logan's Run, mandatory death age for shows in this country.

Am I really supposed to be finding Daisy amusing after all this time, when she's just so one-note and embarrassing and cringe-worthy and her sexuality is basically one big joke? She's almost at the level of a character I'd like to embrace because she's so badly used by the writers, but I can't because I really do get embarrassment squick from her.

Also, it's less than two days before Bones goes into labor and she's "planning" a home delivery, but doesn't seem to have actually made any arrangements and Booth is STILL trying to lean on her for the hospital and I'm supposed to believe this is any kind of healthy relationship?

Yuck. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.

And for the final yuck, once again, the validation of Booth's Catholicism over Bones' rational atheism. Giving birth in a manger? REALLY?

I genuinely used to enjoy this show and was never particularly invested in it on a shipping level.

This episode made me want to spork my eyes out.
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