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"Reasons Why" Alias drabble Vaughn/Sark PG13 100 words

Title: Reasons Why
Fandom: Alias
Pairing: Vaughn/Sark
Rating: PG13
Prompt from sandrine who wanted something about Vaughn letting Sark escape in the series finale.
Notes: My second entry in the alias_slash drabble challenge for November. I'm still willing to take prompts for any Alias slash pairing.
Summary: Sark asks the big question.

Also available at:

“Does Sydney ever ask you why you did it?”


“Do you ever ask yourself?”

“All the time.”

“Any answers?”

Because…Michael thinks, and then stops because he doesn’t want to believe that he let Sark escape just so there could be a day like this. He should be getting back to Syd and the kids in their safe little beach house.

But he can’t walk away when he’s already got bruises that he’ll have to lie about and he wants more.

He falls back on the bed, pulling Sark down on top of him.

This is why he did it.

Tags: alias, drabble, fanfic, julian sark, michael vaughn

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