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Mini Pimp Post

I just haven't been reading a lot of fanfic lately, so I don't have that many goodies for you today.

BUT, I'm hoping you'll all check out some BRAND NEW, RETRO-SLASH for a 70's cop show. For all of you who remember Adam-12 and always wondered what was really going on in the car...

The Heat Wave by vanillafluffy.

Fandom: Adam 12
Pairing: Pete Malloy/"Mack" MacDonald
Good, old-fashioned, slashy smut.
Go. Read. Give Love. Remember those fabulous days of the late 60's/early 70's.


Torchwood (with a bit of Doctor Who)

Sub-Subliminal by 51stcenturyfox.

This is an awesome, fascinating, creepy, Gen Fic, tying together Torchwood and the events of The Impossible Astronaut and Day of the Moon. What I really love about it, is seeing pre-Series Jack actually working at Torchwood. I wish more people would delve into this period, especially Post WWII, and Foxy does a a great job here.
Tags: pimping, torchwood

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