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Post-party depression and other stuff. (Kind of long, but lots of cuts.)

Let's just say I've been listening to Amy Winehouse today and she makes a lot of sense.
More info on the oil spill in today's San Francisco Chronicle

After the highs of my birthday and Halloween, I’m in a bit of a funk. Well at least I’m wearing the cranky-pants. Or in my case the cranky-Crocs, black jeans and a very faded Deco Gecko sweatshirt in honor of the Maui trip I’m not going on next week.

If anybody wants to say anything about my attire, they are cordially invited to BITE ME!

Not only am I not going to Maui next week, I’m not even getting vacation time. Since I had let Bubbles, the regional manager know that Maui was off, she asked me to give up my vacation time because they don’t have enough bodies to staff all the on-sites in the region. Bubbles and I go way back and she more-or-less used our “friendship” to guilt-trip me. In the cold light of day this is some serious bullshit. If hubby hadn’t been an idiot and broken his arm, she would have had no choice but to find some way for me to go because I wouldn’t have been willing or able to give it up.

The company is actually going pay me for the vacation time, which is a reflection of pure desperation.

I can only hope this amount of abuse will pay off in the future when I need something, or if I commit an error so heinous it would warrant firing me and she won’t be able to because she owes me. Of course getting fired would be the best thing that could happen to me as if would force to me to find something else to do that makes me less miserable. At this point I’m not even looking for happy.
House-babble for Mirror Mirror. Yeah, I'm late. I was a little busy that week. (Cut for spoilers.)

I know we have to suspend a certain amount of disbelief on the medical stuff, but now they’re really insulting our intelligence. We got a full rundown on what Mirror Syndrome is back in Fetal Position and it’s NOT THIS. This is a plot gimmick. Come on writers. I know I’m having an affair with Torchwood, but you are the fandom I’m supposed to be in love with and you’re making it very, very hard.

There was an earthquake about an hour before the show which I didn’t even notice until all my Gmail buds in the area were like “EARTHQUAKE.” It didn’t affect me at all, except that the local news insisted on blah-blahing about it instead of showing the intro, which apparently wasn’t that great a loss, especially when I have TwoP to tell me what happened.

---Although I’m a little worried about TwoP. According to their recapper, House’s asked where Cuddy would be keeping Foreman’s balls and I’m positive the question was where she would be keeping House’s balls. ---

Patient of the Week- Frank Whaley who I knew looked familiar, but not until checking Wicki and IMDB did I realize was Arvid in Swing Kids. (Also appeared in Chelsea Walls, but I’m not sure if he had scenes with RSL in that.) For some reason he reminded me a lot of the guy who does Capt. Jack in the Dead Ringers parodies.

I did the like the mirroring bits as schtick, especially the Wilson scene because it gave us the big House/Wilson SQUEEEEEEEE of the week. That took awhile to grow on me, because out of context, I could NOT imagine that conversation taking place at all, especially “you’d get my laundry if I asked you.” No, he wouldn’t. But in context with the patient…kind of cute.

The Foreman stuff was crap, crap and more crap. What is the point of this? He thinks he’s miserable, and he needs CAMERON to tell him he’s not? STFU, Cameron.

None of the New Kids on the Block impressed me this week. I found their attitude toward Foreman particularly annoying. (I've earned the right to feel that way, they haven't.)

Hubby, the nurse, did not approve of House’s “extreme bitch syndrome” line about the nurses, however those who think House was referring to Cameron are wrong. I know you want to avoid the falling H/Cam anvils, but whatever he does or doesn’t think of her, he does know she’s not a nurse and I don’t think he’d call her that.

The entire “replacing House’s Vicodin with laxatives” was so so so so stupid. After several viewings, I still don’t get the timing. Cuddy is in House's office now, but then after hearing the Wisdom of Wilson, asks “Where you two hours ago.” The only thing I can think if is that two hours ago she was messing with the actual prescriptions and now she’s going for the secret stash, but that’s still a stretch. Assuming Wilson is still in charge of the Vicodin, which both both my reading of canon and my slash-glasses say he is, I STILL don’t see how that would work.

So basically the writers just wanted an excuse for a bunch of poo jokes. I used to try and convince people that I loved this show because it was so intelligent and ADULT!

As everyone and their mother-in-law has pointed out (but here we go again) the line about “do you know when you’re birth control pills aren’t birth control pills” is stupid a million ways from sundown with the major two being the fact that the pills are individually sealed in the pill pack and we haven’t heard anything to the effect that Cuddy no longer wants a baby.

House being the patient was cute and I think Hugh must have had fun doing it, but the premise was STILL BULLSHIT as was the whole “contest” at the end, since there was never any chance that Foreman was going to leave no matter what, and if Wilson was right and there is no job in Boston….The patient isn’t the only one who hates the smell of dung.

Did anyone catch what PoTW called Cuddy’s boobs, by the way? I thought he said “yabbos” which is one of my favorite names for them, but TwoP thinks it’s “apples” which is just another WTF? Although if he was mirroring House, then that is possible, because he called Teenage Supermodel’s boobs “love apples.”

I still like yabbos better.

Bookie!Chase is my hero. The idea that he and House are in cahoots makes me yearn for a House/Chase fic where that arrangement was made. Basically a follow up to my personal fanon about when and why Chase wrote those prescriptions for House.

House-babble for “Whatever It Takes” (Cut for spoilers)

Hey, how come it takes TwoP a whole week to get its recap up and www.recapist.com had it up in 24 hours and was more accurate and funnier?

Mayor Gavin Newsom was re-elected, but it was such non-news (basically no-one was running against him) that they didn’t bother pre-empting any of the episode for it. (I'm still pissed about the 20 minute cut-in during Que Sera Sera) Too bad! This episode sucked. Not in a ODOR way, just in a “Huh? What? Excuse me?” kind of way.

Total re-hash of “Failure to Communicate” and “Airborne.”

Now Wilson’s making jokes about Merry Little Christmas? “Passed out with a bottle of booze.” I did think the “passed out with a bottle of Viagra” line was interesting. Slash glasses or not, it at least acknowledges what very few smut writers including myself want to admit about the long-term effects of opiates. Should we assume that Wilson writes House’s Viagra scrips as well as his Vicodin? Especially if we are wearing the slash glasses? Will some one write that fanfic? (I know I should write all this stuff myself. One word: YULETIDE!)

How the hell is House stealing Wilson’s food if Wilson is still in the hotel?

Wilson is sooooo impressed by House calling from Langley when he’s the guy who faked out House with a fake call to Phoenix a few weeks ago?

Thank you Cuddy, for finding your (or somebody’s) balls and actually using them. This is closer to first season Cuddy who was able to be tough on House some of the time.

I totally didn’t get that House thought CIA guy was a Strip-o-Gram, so I thought the writers were being especially blatant with the gay references, especially when House’s cellphone started playing TLC which is just wrong. House’s cell would have something in the classic rock vein that’s been associated with him since the “Philosopher Jagger” line, NOT dance music from the late 80’s or early 90’s. So again, it just felt like trying to play the “gay” card for no apparent reason, except to titillate the shippers. Re-invoking “The Village People” seems especially blatant.

I’m not going to bother comment on either patient because they were BO-RING!

The plot-twist certainly took me by surprise because it was absolutely ludicrous. Out of nowhere Dr. Doctors Without Borders starts channeling Sebastian Charles, only it’s psychotic Sebastian Charles. WTF? HUH? Excuse me? And even if Foreman was right, this isn’t exactly the way to get anybody to respect him. At All!

And now it’s time for today’s edition of “Paranoid Bitching of a Paranoid Bitch.”

So, Wilson is still obsessed with House on the floor naked, but House is flirting with CIA chick, who did nothing less than nothing for me? Plus there’s anvils falling in Cammerblonde land. This was Jen & Jesse’s first real scene together since the break-up and what’s it about? House and the fact Cameron can’t let go. I know what the rumors and spoilers are for this season, but I’d still lay money on some kind of House/Cam before the finale, IF there is one.

Torchwood babble for Random Shoes-NO SPOILERS

Here’s the babble: I liked it. I thought it was very moving. So obviously, with the heavy emotional stuff still to come, I don’t hate Gwen.

I don't know why I don't hate Gwen. I just haven't seen enough evidence that I should.

Food and body stuff.

I’m trying to keep a food log again. It makes me a little crazy, but during the last few weeks, I felt completely out of touch with my body and what I was putting in it. Not quite to the blimping out stage, but just a feeling that it could get there if I don’t try and put some attention towards it. (And stay out of the really cheap, oh so good, but oh so bad for me Chinese Buffet on Kearny St.)

I've also gone back to fruit salad for breakfast instead of hot chocolate and Almond Croissants. (At least until today.)

Still reading Halloween fics.
Struggling a bit with my Yuletide assignment.
I’ve got Dr. Who series three, so I’ll probably spend most of the weekend watching that, so I know what happened before Blink, and I can see all the bits that Sci-fi channel cut out of the final three eps.

I still wish I were going to Maui!
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